Nursery Kids

God knew your little one “before they were formed in the womb”. Nursery Kids is an opportunity for your child to experience the love of Christ through interactive play, music, and story times. Our loving trained staff are excited to help your baby look forward to coming to God’s house each and every week, setting a foundation that’s for life.

Toddler Kids

If your child loves to sing, dance, play, color and hear amazing bible stories, then they will love their  mornings with the toddler team. Children are taught a new bible truths that will be carried throughout their young lives and into adulthood. Trained staff will guide your child in interactive learning through crafts, play-time and bible learning.

Kid’s Connection

Kid’s Connection is church on a kid’s level. Kid’s Connection introduces children (K – 6th grade) to who Jesus is and what character he has that we want to be in our lives. Leaders will provide a lesson, do interactive games, crafts and prayer time. There is no greater joy than seeing children grasp the truth of Scripture that God has a plan for their lives and He is calling them to make a difference!

What to Expect

We want your child to feel welcome and confident when a part of our kid’s ministry.

Once you enter, parents check-in their kids and receive their “pass” at the Welcome Center.

You will then make your way to your child’s classroom. Please don’t be afraid to ask our greeters where the classroom is, if you do not know where it is.

Once you arrive at the classroom, leaders will take your child and their “pass”.

After service, please pick up your child from their classroom and child’s pass and sign out at the Welcome Center.

Connecting kids to the life-changing presence of Jesus